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Gold Plated Tap Ultimate Gold Plating Kit Business Opportunity Packages
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Welcome to the Ultimate Gold Plating Kit Business Opportunity page presented by the Founder of the Number 1 supplier of gold plating business opportunity packages in the world since 2006

Following our success at the Excel Business Show in London  this week the Founder is pleased to present 2 special offers for the next 7 days - details in our shop.

This website hosts the most comprehensive and excitingly unique packages you could ever wish for when starting your own business both in the UK as well as overseas. 

Every package on this website has the exclusive benefit of the personal involvement from someone who has overseen in excess of 8000 people worldwide realise their dream and is now dedicating his time and effort to the few who are determined to make their mark in the most exciting industry and business opportunity available today.

Who is this website aimed at:

Whilst thousands of people have bought into this highly lucrative business, it is fair to say that the vast majority of them are looking for a small business opportunity that does not consume all their time. This is usually either because they already have another business or job/career but would like to generate additional income to supplement their existing income.

There are a smaller number of people who are more determined to be at the top of the league in terms of income, and who have a history of success at whatever they set their hand to achieve.

They also have access to greater funds that also allow them to start from a better platform - which in turn means that they are more likely to succeed too.



What sort of incomes can be generated with an Ultimate gold plating kit business

Rather than just give vague figures of how much a year you can earn with this business opportunity - which is normally what is quoted by other suppliers, we prefer to relate incomes based on an hourly return for your time. This way, it is the people who want to work hard who benefit the most and the only way to success is hard work .

The minimum income you should expect is just *£50 an hour for your time but this is way below the average that is generated which is more likely to be in excess of £200 an hour plus.

What is different about Ultimate Gold Plating kit package to any other sellers offers

Ultimate packages are uniquely designed for buyers to receive a complete 'business in-a-box' package that comes with the following facilities built in - which means initially all you need do is create gold plated products yourself and for the first 3 months we do all the rest:

  • Top of the range gold plating kit allowing you to create gold plated gifts and products from both metal as well as non-metal ordinary items not found in any high street shops

  • A-Home training course (Mainland UK only - overseas available with extra costs) on how to build a gold plating business from scratch from the Founder of the Company

  • In-House training course (at our workshop in Kent) on how to plate metal and non-metal items

  • Custom designed live e-commerce website with domain name of your choice complete with professionally produced and scripted welcome video on your home page 

  • Custom designed 2nd website based on your county of residence with page 1 google presence

  • Facebook and email marketing programme to hundreds of thousands of Facebook members in the county as well as email shots to local businesses

  • Press releases on a monthly basis published with links sent to local TV, Radio an Newspaper media addresses (you supply addresses and we send them press releases)

  • Lifetime membership to the Gold Plating Guild with permanent 10%-30% discounts on all future purchases

  • Full Colour A5 leaflets with your full contact details displayed for your own use locally

  • Designated Plating Specialist assigned to you for free daily telephone and online technical support (Mon-Fri) for as long as required

  • Personal telephone and email support in the whole of the first month from the Founder of Gold Solutions PLUS completely free and unlimited lifetime telephone (UK only) and email (Worldwide) support team


*For examples of this please email us here and request that information


Welcome the wonderful World of Gold Plated Gifts

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