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In 2006 Terence W George founded Gold Solutions and since then Gold Solutions has expanded both its range and its penetration worldwide of people and small businesses looking to set up a highly profitable business.

Ultimate Gold Plating Kit

Whilst most of the thousands of new clients worldwide have enjoyed the legendary 'completely free and unlimited telephone (UK only) and email (Worldwide) team for plating and business building support, Mr Gorge has developed even more in-depth relationships with clients looking for that something extra to compliment their own aims and ambitions.

He now engages in 1-1 personal training/consultation courses in peoples own home/office anywhere in the world - the furthest to date was for a large Indian company based in Dubai who wanted 7 members of staff trained by him.

With a huge range of skills and knowledge in the world of Gold Plating business start-ups he now assists in the formation of serious businesses covering all aspects of building structures to support such a venture including areas such as:

  • Creating a business POA (plan of action) right from the start to ensure that the most important 30 days of any new business all opportunities are realised and achieved as much as possible - 7 days a week

  • Providing 1-1 advice, training and support in the first 30 days of the life of the new business

  • Design and creation of websites to order including the creation of professional presentation videos for those websites

  • Advice on setting up the workstation and all health and safety support

  • Advice and support on important matters such as pricing jobs to ensure a return of at least £200 an hour as a minimum - and then advice on how to increase that return

  • Advice on sourcing products suitable for converting into high quality, high profit, products and services to both the public and industry

  • Assistance in social media and direct eshot marketing to the public and industry

  • The creation and publishing of customised Press Releases to aid those businesses achieve their goals, and promote them when they do

Where else in the UK could you ever find such a comprehensive aid to your new business - from someone with so much knowledge of this industry


Start the first exciting steps to change your life by contacting me today and find out just what we can offer you to suit your budget and ambitions.

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